Delicious Organic Sesame Butter

Great News for Sesame Butter Fans

After a year of hard work, we've finally managed to reduce the price of our beloved Premium Organic Sesame Butter and launch a tempting delicious Mega Sale.

To order organic sesame butter for as low as $5.95 click here:

It wan't easy. Working with farmers in Ethiopia who grow this magnificent type of organic sesame seeds that make our sesame butter so unique, improving our internal procedures, and yet keeping the high standard… Golden Millstone's Organic Sesame Butter is by far the richest sesame spread, bursting with yummy nutty flavor and super healthy goodness.

As always, our sesame butter contains nothing but organic sesame seeds crushed with a traditional method using a 90-year old millstone. 100% natural, no additives of any kind, it is vegetarian, vegan, certified, kosher, raw food, nut-free and simply delicious. Packed fresh in glass jars, to avoid plastic residues, it would last for a minimum of 9 months (no refrigeration needed).

Sincere thanks go to the team who made this mega sale and low prices possible and to our loyal customers who stayed with us even when prices where higher.

Please help us in spreading the word about this mega sale to friends and family :)

Delicious Mega Sale: Premium Organic Sesame Butter

Jars are 14 oz. each and the price can be as low as $5.95. Yummy!

1 Jar – price was $14.95, now $7.95 only – you save $7 or 47%…!

2 Jars – price was $29.90, now $13.90 only ($6.95 each) – you save $16 or 53%…!

6 Jars – price was $89.70, now $35.70 only ($5.95 each) – you save $54 or 60%…!

Click here to order: Sesame Butter.

These Mega Sale prices are guaranteed at least until the end of April 2013, for online orders only.

Enjoy in Good Health,


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