Earn 7.1% on RBL Bank Savings Account

Here are some incredible benefits of banking with RBL Bank
  Attractive Interest Rates
  Safe Deposit Lockers**
  Anytime / Anywhere banking
  Unlimited and Free ATM withdrawals in India
  Simple and uniform service charges
*RBL Bank offers savings account interest rates @ 7.50% p.a. on balances > Rs. 1 Cr. upto Rs. 5 Cr. ; 7.10% p.a. on balances > Rs. 50 Lac upto Rs. 1 Cr. ; 7.00 % p.a. on balances > Rs. 10 Lac upto Rs. 50 Lac ; 6.10% p.a. on balances > Rs. 1 Lac and upto Rs. 10 Lac and 5.10 % p.a. on balances upto Rs. 1 Lac on a daily balance basis. For balances above Rs. 5 Cr., please get in touch with your Relationship Manager / Branch Manager. These rates will apply on the entire balances above Rs. 1 Lac, as per the above slabs and the initial Rs. 1 Lac balance will earn interest at the rate of 5.10 % p.a. 
**Subject to availability
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Non-Padded | Non Wired 4 Bras For Just Rs 699.

CUSTOMER CARE011-39-588-599
Bras  |  Panties  |  Nightwear  |  Bridal collection  | Gift Sets   |  2 Bras At 999  |  5 Panties At 599  | 4 Bras At 699
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About Clovia: It's the first to go on and the very last to come off. And in between, it slips into many roles. From naughtily winking at strangers, to being your most loyal and ardent supporter. Accompanying you on your most memorable adventures, and taking their most intimate secrets safely back to the closet. Yes honey, it is your lingerie we're talking about.
Not the regular, boring whites, at the best of times ill-fitting, and riding up the wrong places - the kind that make you itch or twitch in public. We're talking smooth and silky, plush and pretty - the kind that fits your body like a glove and feels like your second skin. The kind that you hand pick after hours of co-ordinating with your mood. The kind that feels comfortably sexy, whether you're admiring yourself, or are the object of someone else's admiration. If that's the kind of relationship you share with your lingerie, you've got a little bit of Clovia in you! 
If that's the kind of relationship you share with your lingerie, you've got a little bit of Clovia in you!

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Create your Visiting Cards @ Rs. 130. Free Shipping on all orders!

Create Your Non-tearable Visiting Cards
Visiting Cards Marketing Materials Printed Apparels Embroidered Clothing
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